Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 13 - Flight back, summing up and souvenirs

After leaving Cedar point, I got my packing finalised, and got on the scruffy (but $30 cheaper than the others) taxi to the airport, checked in and tried for an upgrade (but failed)

The flight was booked through BA, but on American Airlines

The flight from cleveland to chicago was on a tiny plane - 15 rows of 3 seats, and not enough room to put my rucksack on once I'd retrieved it from the overhead lockers.

Spent the rest of my dollars at chicago airport, tried again for an upgrade but "completely full". I wouldn't fly american again - there was less leg room, and an extra seat in each row - and to cope with the extra passengers, they'd reduced the hand luggage space by about 1/4 compared to BAs, had the entire flight with bags by my feet, in the middle of a row of 5 seats, everyone in front reclining, everyone either side asleep and had a dodgy tv screen - 8 hours of misery! At least Heathrow and the train back were uneventful!

Despite a few closed parks and rides, it was a great trip, Can't wait to get back and get Toro, Coney island and others!

Of course - no park visit would be complete without a trip to the tat shop, and I got a few nice gifts

A bouncy ball from hershey
it flashes too!

A nice cf live souvenir from Busch gardens

There were also tshirts to be bought!
SIx flags New England:
Six flags Great Adventure:

Jerry got me one of the Apocalypse t shirts from the media event

Dorney park:
And the free dorney park one (spent over $20 there!)
and the Verbolten "Fahrt" related t shirt which I'm far too sensible to buy!
(don't tell anyone- but I fahrted in the kitchen too!)

finally - a keyring from cedar point:

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