Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 3 - Coney Island & Rye Playland and new york sightseeing

Today didn't go quite as planned..

firstly we realised Rye Playland is closed most mondays!

Woke up to the discovery that 2 of the 3 hire cars had gone (presumed towed), and as we didn't know the reg,it was really hard to get info on whether they'd been impounded. Decided to get to Coney island and sort that out later.

90 mins later we arrive at Coney to find it closed - we asked when it would open and were told "tomorrow, cos of the weather" (it was only a moderate shower) you'd think they didn't want the place to survive!(coney island is made up of several individual attractions.

After a disappointing lunch bagel at dunkin donuts we went back for sightseeing and lots of walking - finished up in toys r us on times square. were we saw 2 Elmo's outside - one was shouting at people to avoid leapfrog as it was an "international jew toy", then someone approached us and asked if we liked stand up comedy, and one of the group started a 20 minute debate!

Shortly after this - I lost the rest of the group, and decided to get back to the hotel... Subway back was interesting too - got on "track one" instead of "line 1" and ended up going back and forth a couple of times!

On the plus side - the cars were recovered, with a $180 fine!

a few pics from the sightseeing:

Squirrels were everywhere

Ground Zero

Some random statue:

it's my favourite too:

Times square, where it looks like there's a fight about to start

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