Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 2 - Six Flags New England

After finding our way through the hotel corridors, which really needed a Sat Nav! We headed on to the first of the Six flags parks for the trip, and the home of Bizarro!

Security at six flags parks is pretty tight - they all have airport style scanners and bag checks! Although they are pretty good when it comes to removing queue jumpers etc.

First ride of the day was Goliath - the newly relocated giant boomerang - which was pretty good fun, and gave some nice air on the drop backwards, it only broke down once when we were queueing (These rides are notorious for reliability). After this was flashback - another boomerang, I think I was the only one who preferred this one, to the one at Lake Compounce. We then did "pandemonium" - one of the Gerstlauer spinners, which I'd heard good reports on - it wasn't as good as expected, with little spinning and staff stapling you - although there was a nice pop of airtime in there.

Some of the group did the sky swat, and then we all did the cyclone before lunch - they started on one train operation, and added the second just as we were due to board, and sent about 8 empty trains round - the ride was ok, thanks to some new topper tracks which gave some air, and according to those in the know, prevented the ride from mashing your insides up.

Lunch was a pretty poor chinese at Panda Express.

After lunch we did thunderbolt - a very nice woody and great chase (kiddy coaster), it was then time for the main attraction - Bizarro. Not only did it live up to expectations, but totally blew them away - so much airtime, and so reridable, Great in the back, and great in the front.. I'd have happily sat on it all day - my new #1. Came across some queue jumpers - a group of about 10 ducked under the barriers and one of them spent about 10 minutes getting ratty when challenged!

The other coasters were:
Batman - the dark knight - a B and M floorless, which I really liked
Mind eraser - an SLC, and a particularly rough one too
Catwoman's Whip- a Zierer tivoli
Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum - a wild mouse

All in all - a great day, the only real disappointment of the first few days, was that we didn't really get enough time to do the non coaster stuff - all 3 six flags parks had madhouses which we missed on. and most of the parks had some flats which I'd have liked to do.

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