Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 6 - Six flags America

I'd heard bad reports about this park, and I'm not normally the complaining type, but, god, this place was a dump!

First up - the gate security confiscated a bottle of water (outdoor food), someone's bandana and someone else's plastic hair curlers

then the games stalls had people with megaphones shouting for business, the place had a serious lack of shade and it had the usual sucky six flags food...

first ride was the newly relocated "apocalypse" - not actually too terrible, less intense than green lantern anyway. The others seemed to enjoy jokers jinx, but I found it pretty rattly. Then we did superman - which could have been decent if not for the restraints - they had extra "shin bars" which were damn painful - like these..

The last of the main coasters was Batwing - a vekoma flyer, which have a bad rep for being painful - I didn't find it too bad, although I did have a tunnel vision moment from the intensity!  The 2 woodies were pretty rough and crappy, and the SLC was just as bad as the rest, and there was the kiddie coaster.

we'd done everything by early afternoon, and decided to make the journey back to SFGA to ride El Toro, It didn't go to plan - our car's satnav went gaga, so we headed back to the hotel, and the others hit traffic and abandoned mission!

The guy at the hotel recommended texas roadhouse for dinner, where we had an awesome steak, but the rest of the hotel was interesting - there was this sign in the room saying the housekeeper had been "Dustin"

The bathroom mirror could have done with some "cleanin" however

The notice is warning you that all towels etc. are security marked so they can charge you if they go missing.

also - the shower curtain needed "replacin"

and the final yuckiness was next to the toilet!

But at least I didn't have cockroaches like some others did!

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