Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 4 - Six flags Great Adventure

The highlight of today, and probably the whole trip, was to be El Toro - a coaster that consistently features in top 5 lists everywhere. Unfortunately, continuing the spityness we encountered on the trip, it was out of action for "maintenance" all day- GRRRR - so If you did see some annoyed people around New Jersey on tuesday 5th june, this was probably the reason.

Nevertheless, it was still a pretty good day.

First ride of the day was Nitro - which had some nice bits of airtime, and a great helix.All in all a fun ride! Then we moved just round the corner to Batman the ride - which was just as good as the one in madrid - ie VERY nice indeed, some great forces to be had! We left the 2 indoor coasters for if it started raining, and walked to the other corner of the park for superman ultimate flight (B and M flying coaster) and green lantern (B and M stand up) - Superman had a great pretzel loop picture here, but little else, and green lantern was FAR too intense for most.

Before lunch, we did Kingda Ka - the worlds tallest, and now 2nd fastest coaster - 456 feet tall, 0 - 128 mph in 3.5 seconds (This was probably the coaster I was expecting to be out of action, it does have a lot of downtime!). We all queued for the front row - I think everyone really enjoyed it! The lauch really does get your cheeks flapping! Lunch was Japanese, and slightly better than the chinese at New England

I'm the one on the right, in front of the guy who seems to be asleep

1st ride after lunch was rolling thunder - which was rather rough, and all the time we had the reminder of the great El Toro next door... grrr! I think next was runaway mine train, which was ok, and then Bizarro (not to be confused with the bizarro at Six flags New England) - which was my 250th coaster - and not a bad one for 250 either - Similar to batman the dark knight from New England, but not as good (imo).  We also did the 2 kiddie credits, and the dark knight (not to be confused with the one at New England) and Skull mountain indoor coasters which were also both ok, before a couple of rerides on nitro and batman and the journey to the next hotel.

After checking in - we went out for dinner, and ended up in an awesome italian place - best pizza ever, and the service was absolutely brilliant, noone finished their's though - someone actually ordered *2* cheeseburgers! - it was one of our group's birthday, so we got ice cream cake too!

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