Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 7 - Hershey Park

Today was the start of the "official" trip - so far it had been just the "add on" for those from Europe.

The manky hotel breakfast consisted of stale bagels, no butter, and chocolate donuts! yum!

the journey to the park should have been about 10 minutes, but it was quite dificult to find how to get into the (ginormous) parking lot. Eventually we made it and headed into the park

One of the organisers had arranged for us to have ERT on fahrenheit before the park opened, and Skyrush (their new coaster) in the evening. In exchange we agreed to buy a meal ticket for $13, which actually saved us about $10 on food! bargain!

The first ERT ended up as 15 minutes each on fahrenheit(intamins version of a eurofighter) and storm runner (intamin launch coaster), I thought they were both fun, quirky coasters - but there were some grumblings of roughness particularly on storm runner. Next up was sidewinder, another boomerang - which was pretty rough despite the new restraints, and roller soaker - we chose this early because it has awful capacity and reliability, followed by some getting wet faffing around.

Lunch (with the bargain vouchers) was a beef sandwich, with about 12 slices of beef, barbecue sauce, and "texas taters", kept me full all day (don't think we had dinner!)

Someone asked if we could go on skyrush before the evening ERT as it was a milestone coaster - on the first go, it was pretty obvious it was a very good coaster, the fast lift hill really catches you out! - but we would have to wait until ERT to find out how good. The other highlight steelie was Great bear - another B and M invert - no nemesis, but pretty decent anyway - was the longest queue of the day at about 45 minutes (I think someone was sick so they had to clean that up!), also - every despatch they checked restraints 2, sometimes 3 times!

At about 3, when we were almost done, there was mention of a cool off in the water park - woulda been nice, but when this was mentioned again just before 6, we realised the waterpark closed at 6! oh well!

The three other steelies were superdooperlooper, a schwarzkopf looper - getting quite rare now - this wasn't as good as nessie at hansa park though, a wild mouse (actually - I quite like wild mice coasters!) and trailblazer - possibly the lamest mine train coaster in existence!

The park also had 3 woodies - an oldun called comet, and 2 nice newer GCIs - wildcat, and lightning racer (which unsurprisingly, was a racing coaster). All were great fun!

All coasters done, we headed for the cheesy hershey factory "tour" and reeses cup challenge dark ride shooty thing.

after a few rerides, we headed to skyrush for ERT, About 7 or 8 rides during ERT, and opinions were that it was very good, most have it in their top 5 or 10 - it's my 2, nothing prepares you for the huuuuge ejector air, particularly in the outer seats, it really does try to hurl you out.  A word on the restraints though - they are a unique design - a sort of "over the shoulder leg squasher", The restraint tends to tighten throughout the ride, which for a lot of people results in painfully squished legs - hence the rides nickname of "thighcrush", being a bit chubby, I was fine.  Even with the restraint pain, pretty much everyone stayed on for the whole of the ERT.

We left the park at about 11pm, and the drivers had a nearly 3 hour drive to the next hotel - was glad I could get some sleep!  There was a bit of confusion on the hotel booking, so a few people had to share rooms.

It was an awesome day though!

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