Sunday, 17 June 2012

The short Trip report:

Length of trip - 13 days

Number of parks visited - 11
1 park closed when we planned to visit (Rye playland)
Number of parks with unscheduled closings: 3 (Quassy, coney island and idlewild (the 2 coasters out of action))

Number of coasters ridden:
Steel - 75 (Including 1 racing, both sides ridden)
Wood - 22 (including 2 racing, both sides ridden, and 1 racing with only 1 side)

Number of coasters out of action:
Steel - 8
Wood - 4

Number of coasters out of bounds to us non kids - 4

Boulder dash (eventually)
Bizarro (sfne)
Twister and haunted house at Knoebels
the company
Hershey - in particular the woodies and skyrush
Blue streak and wicked twister at CP

Quassy being closed
Coney island + rye being closed
El toro spiting
Stinger spiting
Idlewild spiting
Not having quite enough time at Knoebels
The 2 Slcs and 3 boomerangs
Six flags America
the 4 stand ups (Apocalypse was the only bearable one)
Running out of time in kennywood, and missing noahs ark
Mean streak

Nice Surprises:
Knoebels haunted house
Dominator, Back lot stunt coaster and flight of fear at Kings dominion
Realising how much I like wild mice coasters
Exterminator and Sky rocket at Kennywood
Blue streak and wicked twister at CP

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