Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 5 - Dorney Park & Knoebels

actually changed to Knoebels and Dorney park, as dorney was open until 8

Only got 4 hours at knoebels, which was enough time to ride the coasters and their haunted mansion (great ghost train!), and we had a tour of the flying turns site (a coaster which they have been building for several years - they want to recreate the older flying turns coasters), which was good, but just took a bit too much of our riding time - it was an ace park, with a Blackpool pleasure beach feel, and there were a lot of historic flat rides which we didn't get time for.

Black diamond was an indoor coaster - the dark ride elements were very good, but the coastery stuff was a bit naff.  They also had Kosmos Kurves - which was pretty nice for a kids ride, and 2 woodies, both with just buzz bars and no seatbelts - phoenix gave really good airtime, But I prefered twister - which was park built, and sort of troy on acid!  great stuff!

The park was obviously very well cared for, and the team design and build a lot of the rides themselves, I really wanted to spend the whole day there!

And then onto dorney park - which was nice enough, if unspectacular.  Stinger was the last ride on the "official" tour that was out of action.

First ride was possessed - which gave a lesson in not trusting the test seat - even with a couple of others pushing the restraints, it wouldn't do up - there was no queue, so I gave it a try - and got buckled up easily - must have been about 2-3 inches difference! The ride was ok.

Continuing the OK theme, steel force was quite fun, with a few bits of airtime. Hydra wasn't as bad as some people say, even if it was a bit rattly, and I actually prefered it to talon, which most people love! Thunderhawk was rather rough and horrible though.   There was also a wild mouse and another kiddie ride.  The interesting ride here was demon drop - A first generation drop tower, which I'd first seen on QED about 25 years ago, and finally got to ride! Demon drop in action - from when it was at cedar point ...... the QED programme part 1 is here- drop ride starts at about 7:40, parts 2 and 3 are in the related videos. Was rather bumpy, but I don't care!

After leaving - we had dinner in TGI Fridays, the service sucked, but the steak was great!

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