Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 8 - Kings Dominion

The breakfast room today was the smallest yet - just one table with 3 seats around! but at least we had toast and cereal today!

Todays park was one of Virginnia's 2 major theme parks - the other was on the menu for tomorrow.

We also had an ERT today - this time it was on Intimidator 305 - I thought it was ok, and it definitely improved later - but it was a bit spoiled by a vigorous trim brake about 2/3 in, seems your just about to get some nice air - and you slow down! (most of the group found the first turn too intense)

Next up was Flight of fear - an indoor version of Jokers jinx from SFA - and I thought was a much better ride, and then Volcano (another coaster with poor capacity, so best done early on) - it's a suspended launch coaster, where the launch takes you into a vertical climb, out of the top of the "volcano".  I liked the ride, and thought it was unique and quirky.

After this was Anaconda - a slow and painful arrow looper, then Back Lot Stunt coaster, which had a lame middle section sandwiched between a nice launch into an intense helix, and a very cool indoor section at the end, and then ricochet - a nice wild mouse, with an unusual layout. Before lunch, and further coasting, we got a soaking on the rapids (which were decent), and goes on the drop tower (not as good as grona lund), and windseeker - which isn't as good as a starflyer

We returned to the scheduled coastering, with shockwave - a togo stand up, mercifully short as it was pretty painful, and the 3 grown up woodies (including 1 racer) which were all pretty forgettable, before "ghoster coaster" (A nice junior woodie), people tried to get on taxi jam - it's one of those kiddie coasters, where you need to have a child to ride - the group passed off one of the members as a 12 year old mute, who rode it with about 12 other members!

Dominator was next, and was located bizzarrely on it's own, like a naughty child in the corner - I really liked this b and m floorless - after a good faff in the shade, we moved on to the final coaster - avalanche - a mack bobsled, which wasn't as good as blackpool's, after that - some of the group went to the hotel, I stayed with a few others (they hadn't done a few of the coasters yet, as they'd arrived later), got a reride on I305 and flight of fear - and then a couple of rerides on dominator before we headed off

All in all - it was a pretty good park, even if the layout had a few quirks, and seemed to lack shade.

Got to the hotel, and saw the others were heading out for dinner so we joined them - coulda done with a shower first though - and walked the "1 mile" to restauraunt's nearby - walked about 15 minutes, gave up and went back from the cars - the "1 mile" was closer to "3 miles".  They were all closed, so we had yet another subway!

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